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    Customised promotional USB memory sticks, with your company logo print. Fast delivery and service quality. Customised USB charging data solutions and shape. Each model comes with a small case and a strap. Personalise your product as you like!


    SKROSS adapters are compact and are simple to use in over 150 countries all over the world.

    You can personalise them with your company logo.

    Enjoy the power and freedom to use all your devices in different countries around the world.

    SKROSS adapters allow electricity to speak any language. They are your passport to stay connected when traveling to the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond.

    Through their sleek design and functionality, SKROSS adapters have convinced millions of travellers and many juries alike by winning accolades such as the Red Dot Design Award and Product of the Year 2010.

    In 2002 SKROSS devised and patented the world’s first single-piece World Adapter with its all-in-one country slider system.

  • T’nB

    By proposing intelligent and original products, T’nB has set itself apart and has won over the accessories markets in the domains of multimedia, sport, video/audio and electronics. As of today, T’nB successfully operates in more than 30 countries and acts as a category manager for major chain stores.

    The T'nB® Brand has built its development on its technological and industrial know-how. In combining state-of-the-art technology with unrestrained creativity and an acute sense of design, year after year, T'nB has been able to anticipate the tendencies and the uses in order to satisfy the customers with the most demanding requirements.

    From France to the world
    The T'nB brand was established in France in 1990 and started operating abroad ten years later. For over 25 years, T'nB has been designing, manufacturing and commercialising products that are present in daily lives of millions of consumers around the world. A digital world, where technology is increasingly present, to which T'nB® brings its vision of design and high quality requirements.

    Safety & compliance, T’nB ’s raison d'être
    Going beyond standard regulations, every single stage of creation, design, manufacturing and commercialisation of their articles is subject to careful control. All T'nB® products are compliant with European standards and regulations and certified by internationally renowned laboratories (Bureau Veritas, SGS ...).

  • HUBS
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Showing 1 - 36 of 163 items