Splash smartphone waterproof touchscreen pouch


Splash smartphone waterproof touchscreen pouch - Color solid black,Transparent - Product size 16,8 x 11,6 x 0,8 cm

Splash smartphone waterproof touchscreen pouch. Protects your mobile device against water, dirt, dust and sand. Transparent design allows you to operate the touchscreen device while inside the pouch. This waterproof bag is IP68 certified and protects your phone up to 8 metres under water. Fold the upper part of the waterproof bag before attaching the plastic clip. The size of the plastic clip is 11.5(L) x 3(W) cm. Opening size 7.6 cm. ABS plastic and PVC.

Cadmium tested

Delivery time 7 days from order confirmation.

Customization PIECE VERTICAL - HANDLES ON TOP, FLAT PART OF BOARD ON FRONT,On flat panel - Printing Method Padprint 70 x 12 mm Minimum100 pcs

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